Joanna's love for calligraphy stemmed from her grandfather who taught her cursive at the age of 7. Till this day Grandpa Chia is fondly remembered for his beautiful penmanship. After working as an engineering researcher and obtaining her doctorate in 2015, Joanna took a plunge of faith and ventured into the world of art and calligraphy. Today her calligraphy has graced corporate branding, logos, events, weddings and has steadily built a client portfolio of international and local brands. In her spare time, she teaches calligraphy to both adults and children.


She has been featured as one of Malaysia's Top 10 Calligraphers (Tallypress) and also appeared on NTV 7's Bella, where she got to chatter excitedly about her passion for letters and mission in reviving this long forgotten art. She believes that even as we live in an ever exciting digital world, there is something magical and transcendental about transferring thoughts unto paper, of encapsulating personal messages in handwriting, something uniquely intimate to each individual. If you would like to get in touch for event and private session bookings, she'd love to hear from you at

Select Clients : 

  • Pelikan
  • Facebook
  • Nestle
  • Mont Blanc
  • Cosans
  • Tudor